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Mission critical problems require unconventional solutions. We here at PVM are a team of software engineers used to working in high stakes environments on projects with deep impact—in the government, defense, law enforcement, and commercial fields. 
We were founded with the needs of our end users in mind. We know firsthand what happens when technology fails those when they need it most. Many of our team members are former vets who served on front lines. We hold ourselves to the highest standards; we don’t just expect the best from our work and ourselves—we demand it. So, when we’re working on a software or data problem with a client, we hold ourselves to the same standards of excellence, productivity, and passion that they do.


Concept • Design • Development • Implementation • Maintenance 


System Engineering

The PVM team has expertise in system concept definition, system engineering technical advisement, requirements, performance, and quality analysis.



Data Integration

Our team provides large-scale integration, maintenance and system engineering, both on-site and in a remote/distance support capacity.


Software Development & Maintenance

Our team generates ideas to meet a requirement, then takes the those ideas through design, implementation, QA testing, security testing and delivery. PVM also provides first class support and maintenance.


On-Site Product Support

The PVM team provides on-site and on-demand support for your mission critical products. We care about maintaining your system for your users so you can accomplish your goals. 




PVM has the ability to provide out-of-the box and custom training for individuals and teams. We can train users from both the analyst perspective as well as the technical support perspective. 



Program Management

PVM’s program management team is trained and certified by the Project Management Institute® We have processes to meet the cost, schedule, performance, and quality concerns of your project.


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