Accurint Helper App

Project Name: Accurint Helper App

Category: Commercial/Partner App Development 

What does this application do? 

The Accurint Helper was developed by PVM as an analysis and data tool to help investigative analysts solve problems through an evidence-based approach.

Length of project: Jan 2014 - April 2014  

The Challenge:  

We were tasked with developing a tool that seamlessly integrates massive amounts of data  into an intuitive process designed to enhance and expedite workflows in the Palantir system. Users who had both Palantir and LexisNexis wanted their data within the Palantir system, while also allowing for full reports to be run. As a Palantir partner, this was an ideal project for our organization as we know the platform extensively.  

PVM’s engineers took that challenge head on, and within six months developed an application within the Palantir Gotham framework that allowed users to quickly sift through data and pinpoint the information most relevant to their queries. In addition, PVM built in mechanisms around data privacy so that users had to adhere to rules and could filter and exclude irrelevant information that may otherwise be caught “in the net”. We called our tool the Accurint Helper. 

The Outcome

PVM successfully developed the Accurint Helper which works within Palantir to integrate, in real time, LexisNexis data while also allowing for comprehensive reports to be generated. 

With this new capability integrated directly into the investigative workflow, PVM was able to reduce what was previously hours of research to a few minutes. In addition, this effort showcased PVM’s software development acumen and customer focused mission. Shortly after, we soldified our long-standing partnership with Palantir Technologies. 

Customer Feedback:   

With a successful launch within schedule and budget, the PVM developed application provided a means for LexisNexis to better analyze their data by providing instant access to information directly from the Palantir Gotham platform. The result was a “win-win-win” for LexisNexis, Palantir, and the end-users. 

As a result, several other clients with Palantir requested and downloaded this helper.  PVM continues to assist with support and updates to the app.

This tool PVM developed allowed our end-users to do their mission-critical work more efficiently, accurately, and easily. Data integration and analysis is now a smooth process.
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