Enhancing System Security for DCSA Mission-Critical Application 


As custodians of highly classified information who are entrusted with safeguarding national security, government agencies face unique challenges in protecting their sensitive data. To help in this area, PVM partnered with the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA)  to improve security on a mission-critical system that they use for threat investigations so they can continue to protect the security of sensitive information.  



Federal Government

Preventing Unauthorized User Access 

While the agency already had extensive security measures in place, it wanted to take more steps to ensure unauthorized users couldn’t access its critical threat investigation data system. They needed to both ensure confidentiality of sensitive information and better manage internal access to this system. Specifically, given the nature of their operations, DCSA needed to find a way to ensure only personnel with the appropriate security clearances and roles could access certain functionality and information, guaranteeing that sensitive information remained exclusively in authorized hands. They also needed to make sure that users didn’t accidentally access certain areas and cause reporting errors that could affect threat response.  

Adding New Security Measures for DCSA 

PVM partnered with DCSA to develop and implement a comprehensive solution to this problem. Specifically, PVM partnered with DCSA to incorporate stringent user group permission rules and enforce them at login. These measures ensured that only authorized personnel at certain levels of the organization could gain access to certain parts of the application. This also prohibited users to access the system if they were not trained to fill out the agency’s reporting forms, helping ensure more accurate data for improved threat response. Finally, the new user groups also helped add another layer of protection to prevent data breaches.  

Enhancing Security While Unlocking the Power of Data for DCSA 

PVM’s partnership with DCSA has enabled the organization to safeguard sensitive information and ensure more accurate reporting for better threat response. By addressing their challenges related to data confidentiality and unauthorized user access, DCSA fortified their ability to protect national security, maintain public trust, and adhere to stringent compliance requirements. As a result, DCSA can now be more confident in both the security and accuracy of their data to better uphold their missions.  

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