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In broad strokes, this financial company enables merchants to better understand transaction data and take action around these insights to improve their businesses.  They are the leader in their field and are constantly pioneering new ways of better serving their customers. They process large amounts of data every second of every day and need partners who can help them manage and interpret this information.  




The original cloud architecture for our financial customer included a Big Data solution consisting of over 50 servers. After several years of running analytics on an increasing volume of transactions, the cluster of servers could no longer keep up with the demand.

As the system aged and performance became less than optimal, it could no longer provide timely aggregations to some customers. Given the availability of new, high performance AWS Cloud data systems,  PVM worked with all stakeholders to complete a Cloud Optimization review as a possible solution. PVM's lead engineer and software team engineered a new approach that uses a single large instance to replace these many nodes, and a new cloud cluster to replace the existing cluster. 



This change in technical architecture allowed for increased performance capacity for our client. We reduced the time for generating analytic results from more than one week, down to four hours. This performance increase was enabled by the elimination the significant network latency by running the process on a single server. The new software was also able to use highly optimized and parallelized queries to the Vertica database, allowing query rates of more than 1 million records per second. 



The client was extremely delighted in this solution and continues to work with us on finding new ways to better optimize their data. 

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