Client: Federal Law Enforcement Agency

Category: Government Contracting 

What does this organization do?  

This organization is an intelligence organization focused on national security threats and keeping citizens safe, both domestically and internationally.  

Length of project: 2016-present  

The Challenge:  

This federal law enforcement organization was looking for a way to search and modify a large amount of data with ease. The problem was seen as a significant challenge simply due to the massive amount of data to be searched—it was hard to interpret and aggregate. Additionally, this government organization was looking for training on Palantir software. They hired us and as a bonus, learned that PVM could also provide the requested training on Palantir products.  

The Outcome:  

PVM designed and developed a Big Data tool for this national security organization which provides bulk search capabilities, allowing for data search and manipulation, from the underlying data hosted in Palantir tools. This Big Data solution gives analysts the ability to search as well as provide additional context for the list of search items. This type of segmentation has enhanced analytical capabilities for this government organization. PVM also provided a customized Palantir training remotely to a large group of analysts within this organization, directly meeting their software education needs.  

Customer Feedback: 

The client was not only pleased with the work we did, but saw our Palantir training capabilities as an added bonus. We were able to provide a full service experience for this client and continue to work with them today.  

Not just a company of software engineers—trainers too! Not only did PVM organize our data so we could use and interpret it effectively, they trained us on the software so we could be empowered to solve problems.
Representative, Federal Law Enforcement Agency

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