Domestic Law Enforcement Agency


Client Name: Domestic Law Enforcement Agency

Category: Law Enforcement 

What does this organization do?   This state law enforcement agency works to protect its citizens and its infrastructure from threats, criminal activity, and terrorism. 

Length of project: 2019-present 

The Challenge:  

This law enforcement client hired us to provide technical support for their agency. 

The Outcome:  

Our proactive approach to tech support enabled our team to detect potential entry errors within their directory and within the Palantir system synchronization, effectively helping our client do their job quicker and easier.  Additionally, PVM recommended and implemented a solution that provided a reduced cost of redundant effort and potential entry errors.

Even though they are professional software engineers, PVM has been able to provide excellent customer service and tech support to our systems. They respond quickly, communicate clearly, and have identified data problems we didn't even know we had.
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Law Enforcement Agency

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