Client: Defense Counterintelligence Agency

Category:  Government Contracting

What does this organization do?  

This government security agency primarily vets potential employees and protects critical technology. They work with thousands of other government agencies and companies to provide these necessary services. They are another critical component of U.S. national security efforts.     

Length of project: 2016-present 

The Challenge:  

This federal agency has an extensive user story requirements due to lots of user feedback and needed more information. While PVM was providing both technical services and on-site training to the agency's system users, the training dates were extended by several days to support gathering user feedback, requirements, and requests for further improvement to the platform. 

The Outcome:  

PVM used agile process implementation while working on this agency's development goals. PVM responded without hesitation to the additional requests and ended up gathering dozens of new requirements which immediately were put onto the agile Jira board. PVM's implementation of an agile Jira board allowed the federal agency's leadership to review current and upcoming feature requests to keep future bug fixes and user requirements on track. Additionally, the introduction of Approval Documents allowed leadership to review past approved feature releases. By incorporating an agile approach coupled with the development of Approval Documents, PVM ensured success of all new requirements, high priority user stories, and that the final product met the desired end goal. 

Customer Feedback: 

System users were extremely happy with the new interface that PVM developed. The agency applauded our team's agility and adaption of the schedule and ability to remain focused on their needs.

Our platform is much improved! We appreciate that PVM not only took the time to gather additional user data to tailor this platform to our specific needs, but provided training as well, an added bonus..
Representative from Defense Counterintelligence Agency

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