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The state data center is one of 80 fusion centers located throughout the U.S. that collaborates with local and federal public safety partners to create information-sharing networks. Like other fusion centers, works as an integral conduit to the United States intelligence community. This center supports state law enforcement with case support, criminal information reports, and threat assessments, focusing on crimes conducted in drug and human trafficking, criminal gangs, cyber threats, terrorism, mass threats of violence, and others. 




PVM endeavored to complete over 40 data integrations from local police forces across the state within 12 months. PVM worked closely with investigators, officers, and other data fusion personnel to model the incoming information and normalize it into a single semantic data framework. The framework provides a consistent semantic context from which the data center and agencies across the state can share information seamlessly, improve visibility, and assist with multi-agency investigations.  

Additionally, PVM uses Zendesk and Jira Service Desk to track customer requests and ensure SLA performance goals are met.  In 2018, over 290 service tickets were received. 



PVM rapidly developed 6 separate backend data integrations for the data agency.  These data integrations brought critical information from law enforcement agencies across the state and expanded the use of the law enforcement data fusion system to those agencies. It also helped to promote widespread adoption and cooperation across the state.   

PVM achieved a 100% performance rate meeting the SLA reporting and response time goals. 



With information flowing across the state, the system was launched into full operational status. PVM was cited for our exceptional service, attention to detail, and outstanding technical support and was asked to take over continued support and maintenance of the entire system.

PVM has been laser focused on working with our individual users to provide them with needed support. The data migration made it possible for all of our local agencies to share data statewide, thus, keeping our citizens safer.

- Representative, State Law Enforcement Data Center

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