Client: Public Health Agency

Category: Government/Non-DoD 

Organization overview: This agency works to fights disease and supports communities and citizens to do the same. 

Length of project: 2018-present 

The Challenge: 

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, this agency requested that PVM urgently integrate mapping for the COVID-19 CDC response.  Due to the direct impact of COVID-19 on the CDC, our team shifted focus promptly to provide additional enhancements and resources to collect COVID-19 cluster detection to display in a mapped format.

The Outcome: 

Despite a host of challenges—a substantial Foundry migration which refocused PVM’s tasking, the infinite delay of the production deployment, and an unprecedented global pandemic—PVM continued to enrich the new environment and assist with COVID related enhancements by providing this public health agency state-of-the-art capabilities for exceeding mission success. 

All previously required tasks as well as new, urgent pandemic related work was and continues to be delivered to exceed quality expectations. 

Customer Feedback: 

Award-winning. Literally. PVM received an internal award from the public health agency team and was publicly recognized for this work with the 2020 NCEZID Honor Award for Information Technology. 

Honestly, we couldn't have completed this project without PVM. Given the unique nature of 2020—a global pandemic—PVM stepped up when they were needed most and delivered results flawlessly. Their work was crucial to our agency in a time of such stress, uncertainty, and turmoil.
- Representative, Public Health Agency

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