In the ever-evolving landscape of counterintelligence, maintaining the integrity and stability of critical systems is paramount to protecting national security and enabling effective threat response. These systems going down or becoming unoperable can cause major public security and safety concerns. When this happens, it is absolutely critical that they are restored as quickly as possible so counterintelligence teams can continue to investigate and mitigate threats.  

PVM is a long time partner of the Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency (DCSA), and specifically supports one of its mission-critical systems. This case study recounts an example of how PVM collaborated with DCSA to ensure their critical system was recovered immediately when it encountered an issue during maintenance that prevented users from being able to use the system. 



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How DCSA Uses the Platform to Accomplish its Mission 

DCSA focuses on addressing insider threats and counterintelligence. The agency has a vast network of agents who investigate threats and providing detailed reports to protect and ensure national security. PVM partners with DCSA to keep the system these agents use operational, fix bugs, provide data updates, customize the platform, and more.

What Happened When the System Went Down 

DCSA encountered an unexpected issue during a maintenance window. The incident resulted in this critical counterintelligence system experiencing server instability, rendering it unusable.  

The instability of the counterintelligence system had severe consequences for the agency's operations. The inability to access the system hindered their ability to conduct research on potential threats and develop effective countermeasures. Moreover, the production server's unavailability meant that vital applications were rendered inaccessible, halting the agency's daily operations and compromising their ability to fulfill their mission. 

Recognizing the severity of the situation, DCSA turned to PVM for urgent assistance, requiring our expertise to rectify the problem and restore the system's functionality.

Restoring the System 

PVM restored the system as quickly as possible, working closely with both DCSA and other technology partners to ensure we formulated a clear plan and got all the necessary agency approvals before pushing it back live. 

Upon receiving the agency's request for support, our team swiftly mobilized to address the challenges at hand. Our initial focus was on stabilizing the production server. To achieve this, we collaborated closely with DCSA and another partner that was involved. Efforts were made to resolve the encryption issues promptly, followed by a meticulous process of restoring the operating system. During the restoration period, PVM also sent an engineer to travel to the client site immediately to expedite troubleshooting, further demonstrating our commitment to the client’s mission. Timely communication and coordination with all stakeholders were pivotal in formulating effective action plans and ensuring a swift resolution. Within just a few days, DCSA had their system completely restored, users were able to complete their critical tasks, and DCSA was able to continue working towards its missions.  

Unlocking the Power of Critical Counterintelligence Systems  

PVM’s swift response helped DCSA continue to unlock the power of its data and continue using its critical counterintelligence system to efficiently address threats and safeguard the public. Through our partnership, we are able to continue to ensure the operability of this system, have demonstrated our commitment to the DCSA mission, and have shown our clear ability to react immediately to issues impacting the agency.  

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