Client Name: Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific (NIWC PAC) - USCG Acquisition Directorate  

Category: Government Contractor

What does this organization do? 

Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific provides the U.S. Navy and military with essential capabilities in the following areas:  

  • Full lifecycle engineering for information warfare 
  • Robust research, development, and technology transition 
  • Applied electromagnetics, photonics, and atmospheric propagation
  • Development of offensive and defensive cyber capabilities
  • Positioning, navigation, and timing laboratory and test facilities
  • Rapid prototyping and delivery
  • Cloud-based digital development environment, cloud-enabled digital twins (aka “Digital Abe”, “Digital TR”), DevSecOps, Agile
  • Machine learning, artificial Intelligence, data science, decision optimization
  • Development and support of unmanned systems (UUV, USV, UAV)  

Length of project: 2018-present

The Challenge:

USCG had a new software release upcoming, but decided to review all documents regarding all variants of Sea Commander and its components. Sea Commander is “a mission essential tool that integrates information from dozens of sensors to provide a comprehensive tactical picture of the ongoing situation, critical in circumstances where our NSCs interact with bad actors out on the open sea.” It is crucial for allowing the USCG to do its job in protecting our waters. We were tasked to review PVM's portion 1,200 pages of GCCS materials for this new release.  

The Outcome: 

Our team successfully reviewed and interpreted all pages and was then tasked with leading the tracking of all GCCS J software releases. 

Customer Feedback:

Our technology was profiled in an article that detailed the mission of the USCG and Sea Commander software testing. Read the article. 

As I tell the engineers and support staff I work with, by keeping Sea Commander up to date we are helping keep America safer. What we do enables the individuals aboard our NSCs to work more efficiently, especially when time is of the essence. We want to help those that keep the waters safe, do it even better.
Cmdr. André Murphy, detachment supervisor
C4ISR acquisition program

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