Client: Federal Security Agency

Category:  Government Contracting 

What does this organization do?  

The agency's broad investigative authorities are directly related to our country's ongoing efforts to combat terrorism at home and abroad. 

Length of project: 2016-present 

The Challenge:  

PVM was tasked to provide initial and ongoing end user training and support services to over 300 Law Enforcement (LE) and federal agency personnel for their platforms and software applications. These applications are used across a range of computers and mobile devices by agency users to aid in the wide range of desired capabilities across the disparate data source environments, providing a plethora of structured and unstructured LE data.   

The Outcome:  

PVM has provided consistently excellent end user services to support the federal agency software applications.  Our Field Service Representative (FSR) team created ad hoc classrooms and associated networks to provide end user training and support. PVM’s expertise in LE operations, missions, the tools used to support them, and our ability to effectively communicate across organizational echelons has been integral to the success of their project. 

Customer Feedback: 

10/10. The agency awarded us a certificate of appreciation at the conclusion of our project. 

PVM's assistance to the agency, specifically on this project, greatly improved the capability of the agency's mission. It enabled valuable information to be shared timely with both the field and senior leadership. We can't do our work without it.
- Representative, Federal Security Organization  

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