International Law Enforcement Agency


Client Name: International Law Enforcement Agency

Category: Law Enforcement 

What does this organization do?  

This international law enforcement agency is one of the largest in its respective country. 

Length of project: 2016-present 

The Challenge:  

The Palantir Gotham platform provides a critical service for law enforcement in a variety of ways—both domestically and internationally. Law enforcement clients typically have specific budgetary constraints while also ensuring the safety of their people. Given our partnership with Palantir, we were the ideal company to work with this law enforcement agency to help maintain and update their platform.  

The Outcome:  

PVM not only maintains a consistent standard of platform service, we have also helped improve the system’s capabilities within budget.  Our dedicated systems engineers provided critical upgrades and delivered enhanced capabilities to ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements.  This work has been essential to the continued operational success of the platform in support of the mission.

Customer Feedback:

The client has been consistently happy with our work on their Palantir Gotham platform and have maintained our contract. 

PVM has consistently maintained, updated, and improved our system—all while staying on budget. Every dollar counts at the local level and PVM has done a great job of staying both within scope and price.
Law Enforcement Representative
International Law Enforcement Organization

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